Hartzell, et al. v. Truitt Oilfield Maintenance Corporation: Final Approval of Settlement Has Been Modified

***** CASE UPDATE 6/9/16 *****

On June 9, 2016, the Court granted the Motion to Modify Settlement and Judgment. The modification sets forth a new payment plan for the Settlement. The Order can be reviewed in the link below.

Settlement checks for the second installment payment are scheduled to be mailed out in August 2019. If your contact information changes, please contact the settlement administrator at (800) 779 – 2104.

***** CASE UPDATE 3/24/16 *****

Many class members involved in this case are understandably concerned about when settlement payments will be disbursed. We have prepared this update to address these concerns.

Truitt’s payment to the Settlement Fund was due in early March 2016. Unfortunately, we have been informed by Truitt’s attorneys that Truitt will not be able to make its payment as scheduled due to the severe economic downturn in the oil industry, which has affected Truitt’s financial standing. Truitt’s payment must be received before individual settlement checks can be mailed to class members. We are working diligently to determine when and how Truitt will make its payments to the Settlement Fund. We share your frustration with this delay, and we will continue to update this post as updates become available. Please check back for future information.


If you worked for Truitt Oilfield Maintenance Corporation in California as a non-exempt hourly field employee during some or all of the period from September 16, 2010 through September 9, 2015, a class action settlement will affect your rights.

On December 18, 2015, the Court granted Final Approval of this settlement. If you made a valid claim before the deadline, your settlement payment will be forthcoming. We will update this posting when we have the expected payment date to class members.

Please reach out to update your address if it has changed recently. Your payment may be delayed if the Settlement Administrator does not have your most current address.

Order Granting Motion to Modify