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Practice Areas

Our firm specializes in ensuring that employees are treated fairly and receive the compensation they deserve. Unfortunately, all too often companies do not pay their employees correctly. Employment violations cover everything from wrongful termination, missed breaks and lunches to miscalculated overtime and working off the clock. When companies do not pay you correctly, they are devaluing you, your labor, and your contributions. Labor laws are in place to protect you from employers who want to take advantage of your hard work. We’ll make sure you know your rights, and we’ll fight tirelessly for you. The settlements we achieve do not only pay back what you are owed—they make companies change.

Meal and Rest Breaks

Did you know that employers must pay you an extra hour of wages if you are forced to work through your lunch or rest breaks?

Off the Clock Work

There is a misconception that hourly employees are not entitled to wages for working off-the-clock. Under California law, employees are entitled to wages for all hours worked, regardless of whether those hours are recorded.

Other Common Violations:

Alternative workweek schedules (4/10, 9/80)
Travel time
Reimbursement for necessary expenses
Wage statements

Waiting time for final wages
Heat & shade requirements
Misclassification of salaried/exempt employees
Vacation Pay
Miscalculating overtime

Practice Areas

Wrongful Termination
Sexual Harassment
Leaves of Absence 

Pregnancy Discrimination
Disability Discrimination and Accommodation
Meal and Rest Breaks
Equal Pay Act
Gender Discrimination

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