Attorney at Law
Shunt Tatavos Gharajeh

Attorney at Law

Shunt Tatavos-Gharajeh

Shunt joined Justice Law Corporation in 2014, one year after Douglas Han founded the firm. He is an experienced litigator of individual and class action employment lawsuits, as well as personal injury cases. Shunt has personally worked with thousands of people in our cases, and he has been instrumental to securing settlements in the seven figures.

Growing up as a first generation American, Shunt experienced first-hand the hardship immigrants to the United States face in the workforce, which ignited his passion for advocating on behalf of workers. He fights for workers in wage-and-hour class and representative actions involving corporate employers in multiple industries, including mortgage lending, oil, and transportation. Shunt speaks for those who haven’t been heard, and his zealous advocacy enabled him to successfully obtain class-wide resolutions in over 100 cases.

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